What is Imperium?

Imperium is a business desk specialized on investing in highly profitable companies with innovative leadership in the clean energy sector. Combining strategic investments in this sector with the leverage of crypto currency funds generates maximum yield for imperium holders.
All capital is directed to energy and trading companies according to disclosed, transparent and public criteria. For example, participation in the construction of Waste-to-Energy plants of the Hoskinson Group.

INFOGRAPHIC: How will the Renewable Energy Facility Operate?


Jay Culberth, president of The Hoskinson Group, speaks about the Digital Imperium’s inniciative.

Our Team

Our company is formed by a team of tech professionals and specialized traders focused on renewable energy, crypto assets and Blockchain Technology.

How Imperium Digital Asset Works?

Our business model gives the investor an active crypto that represents a balanced index between the admitted investments. Imperium Digital Asset (Eco-System). For each investment made by the Imperium Group will be issue a certain amount of Cash and/or tokens that represent the volume invested in that enterprise, that is, each unit of active crypt Imperium Digital Asset will correspond to a certain amount of tokens and/or Cash of a specific investment.


Start an investment

Each company that receives investment will be jointly issuing a token specific to its business and, through our platform, we make it possible for these active crypto issuers to pay bonuses, dividends or interest on their assets and make public the information these events.



For the investor of Imperium Digital Asset, this model will mean diversification in developments of the renewable energy sector and for the invested company. For the company that receives the investment this means access to capital at a low financial cost because it is access to capital as a result of collective financing.


Periodic Return

In exchange for this access to low-cost capital all investes must generate some level of periodic return at a rate to be agreed at the time of the establishment of the investment agreement.


The Results

The current net assets managed by Digital Imperium will be applied in the form of private investment contracts and asset management contracts in crypto currencies. The results will be divided among the holders of Imperium Cash - ICoin and/or Imperium Token - ICash inside and outside the platform using Imperium Digital Asset Network.

Investment returns may be redeemed through specific tokens issued to the holder of Imperium Asset in successive rounds and in predetermined periods. It is an ecosystem capable of sustaining itself outside the market volatility of crypto assets and the conventional capital market, using at the same time what technology brings best, intercontinental transactions in seconds, irrefutable authenticity of the blockchain, public transactions.

Acess: www.imperiumasset.com (CLICK HERE)
Imperium Cash - ICash is already listed on BitsBlockchain.net, one of the TOP 100 exchange / P2P digital asset market platform, listed on coinmarketcap.com. ICash is already listed in bitsmarketcap.com, and bitscoinmarketcap.com website comparative.
Coming soon, Imerium Token - ICash be listed in the others exchange already under negotiation:

Exmo | SCX | 3xBIT | EBRAEX | and others.


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